Unable To Use Rancher Server Node As Host

I installed a two-node Rancher on AWS using the latest AMI (rancheros-v0.4.3-rc3 - ami-15c0f57f) then created a Digital Ocean three-host K8s cluster. Now I’m trying to add persistent storage to the cluster and it seems the most logical way to do it is to add some AWS hosts to the cluster and attach/mount the storage to those hosts.

Instead of using separate nodes, I’ve attempted to use the Rancher servers I already have as hosts (by running the custom host command.) The nodes appear in Rancher as hosts but generate the caution warning that the Docker version is unsupported.

The Docker version in the AMI is 1.10.0, which according to the Rancher documentation is unsupported. I have tried using the rancheros-v0.5.0-hvm-1 - ami-1071ca07 AMI but that one has Docker 1.11.2, which is unsupported also. I’m reluctant to update the Docker version on the AMI itself since I’m not sure if it would break things. So is it not possible to use the Rancher server as a host as well? Or would I need to maybe just use vanilla Centos 7 with the correct Docker version then install Rancher server? I’d rather not since the AMI is already pre-configured, so any input would be much appreciated.

This is resolved.