Update RancherOS from Rancher

I have several rancher hosts running rancherOS that are behind a firewall and cannot be accessed directly. Is there a way to connect to the host via rancher or a way to updated the hosts rancherOS version from the rancher UI?

Unforunately not. Here’s an open Github issue.

Thanks, I look forward to the feature.

Realistically, this issue is more likely to make it in before the other one. It would only work for hosts that were created using the UI (ie. docker-machine).

While the feature you listed does not directly help me with this issue, it does solve some other less pressing issues.

However, in an attempt to get around the issue of being unable to access hosts behind a firewall, I created a basic script that setups a reverse SSH tunnel. When I run the script from the cli via /usr/local/bin/myscript.sh & it backgrounds the process and the tunnel stays up allowing me to ssh in from the remote machine. However, when I add that line to /etc/rc.local so the connection will automatically happen at boot, the script is never backgrounded. Is the running of /etc/rc.local at boot ephemeral and therefore, my background script dies when /etc/rc.local finishes executing?


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