Upgrade K8S from 1.7.7 to 1.8.3 using Rancher 1.6.11

Hi ranchers!!!

I’m trying to upgrade my kubernetes 1.7.7 environment deployed by Rancher 1.6.10 to the version 1.8.3 available on Rancher 1.6.11. I did the upgrade of all other components of Rancher, network manager, IPSec, cni, but when I try to upgrade the kubernetes I receive an error message saying just “Conflict”, no other message apear. Maybe I did it in an incorrect order or maybe it is a bug.

Anyone using kubernetes prior to the new version available had the same error? Or did the upgrade successfully?

A. Mioranza.

Did you upgrade in the order found at:


I think I forgot one of the most important steps, update the agents, i’ll Try and report here if it was the problem.

Thanks shubbard343!

I did the upgrade in the order listed on the link that Shubbard343 sent me, but the update is not possible yet. The error remains the same, “Confilct”.

Maybe it is related to the ingress controller, I’m using traefik instead of Rancher ingress controller.

Anyone have any other idea how to troubleshooting this update error?