Upgrade Rancher Server HA from v1.6.14 to v1.6.26

Hi guys,
I would like to know if is possible to update a RANCHER SERVER - FULL ACTIVE/ACTIVE HA installation, from v1.6.14 to v1.6.26 without causing any downtime to the application served by the cluster.
The cluster serve a real production application, so no downtime can be accepted.

The upgrade guide is documented here: Upgrading Rancher

Anyway I have some questions:

  1. “On each node in the HA setup, stop the running Rancher server containers.” So if I well understood, during the update no rancher server node will be live but rancher agents should not face any issues for that. Is this right?
  2. So any rancher server node can be stopped / destroyed and then, one by one, we can start / create a new rancher server node with the new desired version. Is this right?
  3. Should also rancher agents be updated? If yes, how? Because “The rancher/agent version is correlated to the Rancher server version. You will need to check the custom command to get the appropriate tag for the version to use.” FYI Hosts in Rancher
  4. Also how exactly works “Upgrade” yellow button close to kubernetes infrastructure stack? Should I first update kubernetes stack and only then proceed to rancher server update? (see screenshot below)

Many thanks!

Just noticed that v1.6.26 is latest but not stable!
So for production we should update to v1.6.25 right?
Also, when v1.6.26 will be promoted to stable since was released on 31th January?
FYI https://github.com/rancher/rancher/releases/tag/v1.6.25

Latest and stable are both 1.6.26. Release notes are a point-in-time, it was not immediately tagged stable at the time of the release.

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