Upgrade SLES 12 SP4 up to SLES 15 SP 5 offline on physical host

Hi everyone,

The SAN storage is connected to the physical host and bonded interfaces are also configured.

I want to make sure that the offline update doesn’t modify the machine’s configurations.
Should I consider updating the SAN drivers first too? The host is also configured with a bonding interface, but I don’t think any configuration will be changed there either.

Does anyone have any experience with this kind of configuration and offline update?

Thanks in advance and best regards

This was also posted on the SUSE & Rancher Community site where I answered but given that site is being sunset on 1 October I thought I’d post that thread here so it’s preserved for future reference and to help others.

@geronimo 14 July:

Hi everyone,
I need to upgrade a SLES for SAP 12SP4 up to SLES for SAP 15SP5. The server use bonding interface and has configured multipath LUN.
During the update process and after language setting, I’ve seen all interfaces present but not configured.
Will bonding interface be configured automatic after update or should I do some configuration?

@smflood 14 July:

I’ve upgraded a LOT of SLES for SAP Applications servers from 12 SP4/5 to 15 SP4 and whilst they didn’t have bonded interfaces there have been some with multipath configured. These have all been offline upgrades using media during which I’ve NOT enabled/configured networking during the upgrade (so upgrade only has the media to pull packages from). Post-install the servers have booted with original networking intact.

@geronimo 17 July:

Thanks for your reply. So I don’t have to worry, an offline upgrade adds new packages but doesn’t modify the configuration, right?
I also assume that for the multipath I have to update the SAN driver?

@smflood 18 July:

The upgrade shouldn’t modify any configuration (unless it needs to as part of the upgrade i.e. due to package changes). The upgrade won’t update any third-party drivers so you’ll need to handle those separately.