Upgrading rancher with external database and files in /var/lib/cattle

Read our upgrade guide regarding upgrade with external database.

Found in ranger log, that also data outside the database will be created unter /var/lib/cattle …

Creating CA: /var/lib/cattle/machine/7bbd7eb5-4ea2-4ac0-a4f9-00517c669737/certs/ca.pem" resourceId: =1ph121
time=“2016-04-19T11:49:05Z” level=info msg=“stdout: Creating client certificate: /var/lib/cattle/machine/7bbd7eb5-4ea2-4ac0-a4f9-00517c669737/certs/cert.pem” resourceId: =1ph121

if i follow your upgrade guide for external databases, this file would be lost, after removing the old container …
Are they still needed ?

Hi @frintrop,

With GA release and above, we are able to rebuild the contents of those files from the Database. If you are feeling paranoid, you can download each of the machine configs before conducting your upgrade, and would then be able to access the box in the event something goes wrong.