Upgrading Rancher


I’m currently using Rancher v0.47.0 and would like to upgrade to v0.51.0 - I’ve performed upgrades before and these have been seamless, however they’ve been point upgrades (i.e. 0.46.0 to 0.47.0), is it considered ‘safe’ to perform a leap such as 0.47.0 to 0.51.0 or am I better off doing a series of point upgrades?


We typically only test upgrading from the previous version to the latest, so I’m not sure how “safe” a leap would be.

Off the top of my head, I’d say it might be okay as I review the features that were added in, but please note that it’s not tested or technically supported.

Thanks for that, I guess I’ll do a series of upgrades in that case. I presume I should then be safe to do the following:

0.47.0 -> 0.49.1 -> 0.50.2 -> 0.51.0

or should I go through all of the major and minor point releases (i.e. include 0.49.0, 0.50.0, 0.50.1)?

Thanks for your help,

While we don’t necessarily test it, direct upgrade between 2 versions should work. The main thing is database schema changes and that uses liquibase, which goes through every revision needed from the number you currently have to the one in the release.

OK, I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and see what happens… I’ll let you know!

Good luck. :wink: I think it would work, but didn’t want to suggest it unless you were willing to try it out on your own.

If you’re using a data-container for your rancher database, you could export it as a backup, just in case: docker export -o rancher-data.tar rancher-data-container-id