Useful Software

when you are used to Windows at work, you miss some smart software in Linux. However the last years things changed.
Maybe we can collect useful software since a kind of list.


Touchscreen is standard today. I used them the last about 10 years in Laptop. Handwritten notes and sketches are much faster done. Annotation in PDF an other documents, in drawings are done faster and pure lelectronically (redlining)
Xournal has a lot of features and work proper. It is part of openSuse Leap 15.1 repository and Package Hub.


Good state of the art CAD software is rare in Linux. FreeCad is nice, but has a level as 15-20 years ago.
BricsCAD is not free, but relative cheap compared what you pay for compareable Inventor and SolidWorks, Solid Edge. However it has a good functionality. building models is similar easy as with Inventor.
The way to do is a little bit different but well done.

for those who use a data server (Server, NAS, Cloud) and a laptop, synchronization of files for offline mode is a must.
FreeFileSync has a great functionality. It can be used as backup program as well. For that purpose you define Master and Slave.