VNCSERVER logout behavior

I am starting the VNC server with YAST and have configured Network Sevices → Network Services (xinetd) → xvnc1. I set Wait = yes and added alwayshared to the server arguements. With this configuration I am able to start a session and log out completely. I can also start two sharing sessions. However , there iare two behaviors that I want to understand and change. The first is that when I start the second session it automatically goes to the session with out logging in. I would like to log on with a password. I changed -securitytypes VncAuth and added -rfbauth /root/.vnc/passwd but it states that no password has been configured for VNC Auth! I used vncpasswd to create one. The second behavior is when I log out. Logout closes both sessions.
I would have expected the seesion to close where logout was performed. Why both and can this be changed?

I have made some progress with the log in behavior. In addition to the changes made to xvnc1 I needed to change the user from nobody to root. I do not know if it is possible to change the log out behavior. A log out from either session will cause both sessions to change. Is it possible to log out only the current session?

How do you define the view-only sessions for the vncserver?