Vultr support in control panel

Hi rancher team,

First i want say THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT WORK!!!

Is there any plan to support vultr like do in the controllpanel, or is there a way to add by my self?


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I think you already found it, this doc is very interesting to deploy RancherOS under Vultr cloud

I read one month ago on irc, vultr sysadmins plan to add RancherOS on their panel.
I’m sure it will come very soon :smiley:

I think you understand me not correct.

I speak from the integration in Rancher like digitalocean, to start servers on vultr from the admin panel from rancher


Oups… :stuck_out_tongue: fail …
Effectively, it is a very good idea :smiley:

The Add Hosts screen is basically a wrapper around docker-machine… So first you’d need a machine plugin that supported Vultr, which @janeczku happens to have created: . In probably the next Rancher release we will have support for loading arbitrary additional machine drivers, which would make it show up as an option in “Other” in the UI.

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This is very cool to see - I am also a user of Vultr and once I started using Rancher I was thinking the same thing.

Great to see that there is already support and that even more may be coming.

Hey I wrote that vultr article :slight_smile:

Just FYI, custom driver support is in 1.0.x and the ability to add custom Ui for them will be in the next release.

I guess this topic should be closed, the support is at least already part of 1.1.x ( for reference )