Documentation on the "Virtual Machines" tab under Infrastructure?

I was just playing around in the UI and found “Enable Virtual Machine support in the UI. Requires hosts that have KVM loaded.” on the Admin->Settings page. But I can’t find much information on new tab “Virtual Machines” tab that showed up when I enabled the feature.

Please, advise.

We are in the middle of adding support to launch VMs via KVM very soon. Look for it either in next or the following release. The functionality is actually in but we are still testing/fixing and documenting it before we talk about it.

in the latest (v0.51.0) because nothing shows in UI from where I’m standing is it in a RC version ?

you need to enable this feature on the Admin->Settings page. Then you’ll see the Virtual Machines tab. This is in 51.0.

Tried this feature on my Fedora 23 host. My local machine appears in the Hosts list and I’ve enabled the KVM option in settings.

When trying to create a VM with RancherOS on the host it downloads the image, creates a storage and network interface but obviously failed to start up the VM. I sometimes noticed the error message that /dev/kvm is not available.

The required software is installed on the host and using the virt-manager app I was able to create a KVM VM though.

Looks like the device is not handed in to the rancher-agent or -server when getting started?!?

Would be nice to get a feedback on how to set it up… (no documentation so far).

I used RancherOS as host. I can deploy ubuntu VM with Rancher.
This VM boot, and I can use the console and login to it with ubuntu user.
The network don’t run. On the host, I see qemu want use br0 interface.
How can I configure a bridge under RancherOS with cloud-init or ros CLI ?

Currently RancherOS will not work as a VM. We are looking to cut a release of Rancher that would support this in the next week or two.

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Super news ! :slight_smile:
In few weeks, I’ll can move my VM under Proxmox or OpenNebula to Rancher platform :+1:

I got it up and running, I couldn’t clone a vm using convoy-gluster as a disk… but other than that, current implementation of 0.51.0 works fairly well.