Why is Rancher so hard to get installed

I have tried to install Rancher about 20 times, Microk8s, k3s, k8s. It doesn’t work no matter what I install it on. It never works. It just plain doesn’t make sense. Everything else works just fine but Rancher doesn’t. Anybody got any ideas???

As you can see I did run the repo update:
33 sudo microk8s.helm3 repo add rancher-stable https://releases.rancher.com/server-charts/stable
34 sudo microk8s helm3 repo update

rpiadmin@intel-mk8-prod-01:~$ sudo microk8s kubectl get no
intel-mk8-prod-01 Ready 88m v1.19.15-34+c064bb32deff78
intel-mk8-prod-03 Ready 29m v1.19.15-34+c064bb32deff78
intel-mk8-prod-02 Ready 31m v1.19.15-34+c064bb32deff78

Yes my DNS works and I have searched google til I am blue.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

This is a microk8s v1.19 (Kubernetes) on ubuntu server 20.04.4, Cert-Manager is v1.8.2 in a VM.

Thanks everyone.

I would have thought someone by now would have replied something. Following thread

Evidently it’s not that important to them, I will keep searching for an alternative to portainer.

I don’t see Rancher folks on here that much, their Slack gets more of their devs on there.

From what I can see from above it looks like you’re putting in helm repo “rancher-stable” but then trying to install from helm repo “rancher-latest”. You can use either one, but you need to install the repo you want to use (I generally go for stable, personally; I just prefer the blood on the bleeding edge to be someone else’s if possible).

Yup that could be it my bad, thank for pointing that out I appreciate it.