Windows 10 hyper v cant connect to host to enroll in Rancher

Having recently been introduced to Rancher I am trying to get it working on my Windows 10 workstation. I can run docker compose to build containers etc so know docker is running fine but I cant ssh to the VM (or connect using HyperVs inbuilt console) so can enroll the host. The Docker Host Guest VM is the MobyLinuxVM from the default Docker for Windows install. The MobyLinuxVM doesnt receive an IP address (through hyperv) but does respond to pings based on the Virtual Swich subnet - I have tried to connect to this IP address via SSH but the connection is refused. Other VMs connected to the same virtual switch do get an IP address (displayed through HyperV). This is probably more or a HyperV/Docker issue that Rancher but after exhaustive searching,it seems that the only time that this is problem is when youre trying to connect to the host directly (eg to enroll the Host in Rancher).

If anyone has any experience or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

Windows 10 Pro Version 1703 (build 15063.483)
Docker 7.06.0.cewin-17 (12626)

Any help massively appreciated

ah finally i found the solution…thanks to guys in my office and this video…


docker run -it --privileged --pid=host debian nsenter -t 1 -m -u -i sh

this will allow the rancher enrolling statement to run