Wireless networking with RancherOS


I have an old laptop that I would like to use to run some Docker containers. I can have a wired network connection to do the install and configuration if necessary, but once I get it up and running I would like it to use wireless instead. Is this possible with RancherOS? How would one go about setting up wireless networking?

I realize this may be a rather abnormal scenario and would like to know if it is supported or not before I go too far down the RancherOS trail . . .

@ibuildthecloud runs RancherOS on his regular work laptop and has wireless. So he might need to chime in with details on setting it up, but it’s possible.

@ibuildthecloud, if I want wireless networking to work, am I going to have going to have to use a different kernel and create my own tars from debs? Is it similar to what you mentioned in RancherOS and sound module (missing /dev/snd) for getting sound to work?