Accidently entered mgr-sync enable-scc


Late last year, we purchased and had a consultant install Suse Manager. When he installed it, he fixed the channels not to refresh. (We had some work to get done synchronizing our SAP SLES 11 Linux farm.)

Earlier this week we decided the time was right to let another batch of updates to come down and start a maintenance cycle. Trouble is, we did not quite remember and understand what the consultant did to stop the refresh.

So we started digging around the manuals. We ran across the mgr-sync refresh that looked like what we wanted to do. We found in the manual that mgr-sync was a new and improved version of mgr-ncc-sync. So we issued it. But we needed to enable-scc, so we did. It said something like we needed mirroring credentials. Then we had to get the mirroring credentials. Then we tried a mgr-sync. Then we got a message indicating “query did not return a unique result.”

Before I dig this hole any deeper, I would like to ask for any suggestions because it appears that the mgr-ncc-sync command has been disabled in the process.

Any ideas of where to go from here?

Ron Foster

Ron, there’s too little information in your mail to help you further.
Please use the support entitlement which comes with your purchase of SUSE Manager and open a support request.
Alternatively, contact the consultant who helped you with the setup.