RancherVM on RancherOS

Hi There,

RancherVM is supported in RancherOS ? I got this error when trying to run a VM. Apparently the RancherOS (v1.5.4) don’t support KVM anymore.

Failed to create and start

500 Server Error: Internal Server Error (“linux runtime spec devices: error gathering device information while adding custom device “/dev/kvm”: no such file or directory”)

I think this RancherOS cannot be installed kvm+qemu a simple way. You need to use an appropriate operating system, for example Ubuntu 18.04 Server.

I’m sorry but your answer didn’t aggregate any relevant information to the question. Based on some RancherOS forums the /dev/kvm was present in RancherOS before, supporting in this way RancherVM. I’m expecting some feedback from the rancher developers. Thanks

Just wanted to help you not to waste time in vain. Unfortunately, the development Rancher buried this project for the integration of RancherVM in the Kubernetes cluster, since this does not correspond to the general Kubernetes paradigm. I understand that you want a ready-made solution for running virtual machines in the Kubernetes cluster, but what should you take the time to rebuild the RancherOS image with your environment?

I didn’t knew the project was buried. The issues list looks active to me “https://github.com/rancher/vm/issues” Well you didn’t give this information in your first reply and I understand this changes everything. I’ll look for another solution. Thanks.

It was a very good project, it still works for me on several clusters, almost without fail. In this case, old versions of Longhorn are used, which allow you to store images of virtual machines. Well, by the way, this is a big question, what are better containers or full-fledged virtual machines. I like universal virtual computers more.