Dev Build: Rancher Release - v1.1.0-dev1

Release v1.1.0-dev1

Since Rancher went GA last month with v1.0.0, we wanted to provide users with both stable builds for production environments but continue with our fast paced feature developments in our regular weekly/bi-weekly dev releases. Going forward, until further notice, this is how we plan to ship Rancher releases.

Stable builds (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH)

We will release stable feature release builds regularly (3-6 months cycle), and provide any smaller patch releases regularly to address blocker issues. All stable builds will use the standard versioning scheme of MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH to denote the release. We will also move away from our pre-GA release versioning of using the week of the year. Each release major, minor, or patch release will increment by one as they ship.

For example, 1.0.0 was shipped along with a 1.0.1 to address critical bugs. Both of these builds are considered to be stable and have gone through more rigorous QA cycles and stabilization periods prior to shipping.

We will also start using the Docker image tag of stable to denote the latest stable releases.

Development builds (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-DEV{n})

In order to continue with our rapid pace of development, we will continue to ship weekly/bi-weekly Rancher releases similar to how it was being released prior to GA for those that want to experiment with our latest features. Although we still run them through our CI automation framework prior to shipping, these releases are not meant for deployment in production. All development builds will be appended with a *-dev{n}" suffix to denote the release.

For example, 1.1.0 is the next stable release for Rancher, which is currently targeted for June. We will be shipping regular 1.1.0-dev{n} builds until 1.1.0 goes GA starting with this one.

The Docker image tag of latest will always point to the latest upgradeable dev builds.


New Features (since v1.0.1)

  • EXPERIMENTAL: Mesos Support [#4578] - Rancher now supports Mesos as a container orchestration framework when creating environments as an alternative to Cattle, Kubernetes, or Swarm. Once enabled, all hosts that are added into Rancher will automatically be added to the Mesos cluster.
  • Custom UI for Machine Drivers [#4589] - In addition to being able to add your own Docker Machine drivers into Rancher, this feature will allow users to also add their own custom UI elements for the driver. Please see for more details.
  • Support for External Load Balancers (F5 initial release) [#4445] - Very similar to the External DNS Service provider currently in Rancher catalog, users will now be able to add external load balancers to Rancher where they will be automatically programmed as services and containers publish ports to hosts. The initial release supports F5 as the external load balancer.

Known Major Issues

  • HA deployments will not work due to rancher-compose changes [#4733, #4674]
  • In Kubernetes environments, the kubectl in the UI is using v1.1.7 and is unable to be used. The workaround is to use a kubectl v1.2. [#4644]
  • In the VMware vSphere driver, Rancher will by default add a “Docker Install URL” in the UI. The workaround is to remove the URL under the Advanced Options before creating the host. [#4645]

Major Bug Fixes since v1.0.1

  • Added better error messages when attempting to add users without an admin account [#4506]
  • Fixed an issue in the UI where environments were not being sorted correctly by orchestration frameworks [#4512]
  • Fixed an issue where kubernetes api server was not properly being recreated if the node or container dies [#4354]
  • Added support for multiple hosted zone in the Route53 DNS provider [#2635]
  • Fixed an issue where rolling stack upgrade would cause the stack to remain in an unhealthy state. [#4511]
  • Fixed the CloudFlare DNS provider for API updates [#4482]
  • Added a delay option when adding hosts to help improve multiple hosts creations when the external API has a rate limit. [#4464]
  • Fixed an issue in data-race for rancher-dns cache [#4339]
  • Fixed an issue where rancher-compose upgrade and build to do not work [#2666]
  • kubernetes: Fixed an issue where you can’t start any pod with privileged set to true [#4416]
  • kubernetes: Fixed an issue where ResourceQuota was not being honored [#4454]

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