Docker Install Support for AWS Linux 2

Hello - I’m new to Rancher so glad to be joining a new community!

I’m using a package called ODM that uses the docker install from Rancher to install the correct version of Docker for the OS. I’ve been through the shell script, and it doesn’t seem to support AWS Linux 2. Via lsb_release, AWS Linux 2 reports a distributor id of “Amazon” and an id of “amzn” in its /etc/os-release file. It shows a release of 2, Karoo. Since the shell script is primarily dispatching on os/release/version it fails to install docker in this OS/release/version.

Installing lsb_release requires - yum install redhat-lsb-core

There are other elements of this in the AWS Linux 2 extras repo that includes docker. So, if I’m installing docker in a AWS Linux 2 instance manually, I install it using the extras repo and it installs the latest version of docker for AWS Linux 2.

Are there other versions of the shell script that account for AWS Linux 2? If not, is there interest in including an AWS LInux 2 docker install in the automated shell script?

There are no other shell scripts. It would be great if you could incloude AWS Linux 2 in the script!