how to enable "add to archieve" in express manu?


I noticed that each time I “right click” on a folder, there is no longer “add to archieve” or “tar file” option in popped up express manu. I am just wondering how can we get this option back in SLED 12?

thank you very much.


This is an interesting question because until you ask I didn’t realise that option isn’t there. In GNOME 3 the option is called ‘Compress’ and on openSUSE it is provided by the nautilus-file-roller package which provides /usr/lib64/nautilus/extensions-3.0/ The nautilus-file-roller package is not in SLED 12, or in the SLE 12 SDK and zypper says that nothing provides So the answer to your question appears to be, you don’t :frowning:

You can submit an enhancement request at

I miss it… so grabbed the src and rebuilt on OBS until it gets re-added…