How to use bitnami charts in catalog?


I want to integrate bitnami chats into gitlab catalog to install them easily as apps.
I tried following approach:

But when I want to install etcd for example, with default values (See screen)

I get the following error:

Wait helm template failed. Error: found in Chart.yaml, but missing in charts/ directory: common : exit status 1

Any Ideas?

I can install correctly using helm on commandline with the configured helm-repo.
Thanks, Andreas

Hi, have you had the chance to solve this issue? I am having the same at the moment.

no, unfortunately not.

What worked for me was to add as a helm index ( ) instead of a git repo.

same thing in more words

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Just tried this today in R 2.6.0 and I get an error as follows:

Error: Network Error

Anyone got an ideas what is wrong ?

This worked for me.

Click Create in the upper right> Enter Name> paste index url>Click Create.

Using new UI 2.6

@ derekzacharias: Yes, I tried again and it worked. I’ve seen several complaints of this on the web and it seems to be something that is down to bitnami access. I don’t know why it worked for me when it did because the access URL and setup were identical both times.

Thanks for taking the trouble to help,