How to use glusterFS catalog?

Hi ,
I am trying to use glusterfs catalog for my PHP containerized app. I have to mount my “/var/www/” directory from app container to glusterFS.
How to do it? Is there any tutorials/blogs available for using default rancher catalogs?

Hey Amol,

I do this in relation to a HA Proxy container I use. For a number of reasons I run a script as the container’s entrypoint and handle SIGTERM within it for clean shutdown. In that script I simply run rpcbind -w to allow the mounting and then the mount command for the actual mount.

The image itself is obviously built with rpcbind installed via the Dockerfile.

Note the SYS_ADMIN capability is required in order to mount filesystems.

I’ve no idea re: catalogs I’m afraid.

Hope this helps.

Hey Thanks,
What I did, rather than using rancher default catalog for glusterFS, I created my own glusterfs container cluster and mounted my app directory. It worked for me.

@rancher, User guide for using default catlogs should be provided.