how to !

hi everyone
i dont know if this is the right place to post this but i want to ask

im working with MS windows systems was installed on all PCs in were im working in and im try to change to SuSE linux enterprise desktop but i dont know how to start the change to linux , my experiences with linux is not very good . just one year , and some software just working on MS system , i tried to use WINE but not all application are ok , also if i face a problem how can i solve it fast ,
whats the best way to change to Linux ? or slowly perfect way to do that


I’m w linux for a decade

Imho, you need to look at the list of supported apps w Codeweawers

And the only and realy fast action will be your payment :slight_smile:

gd lck

You need to do some research and decide whether it seems like switching to Linux is realistic. Switching operating systems is going to be disruptive. This is true if you’re switching from Windows to Linux, Windows to Mac OS X, Linux to Windows, or any other combination. Write out a list of all the software you need to be able to use on your computer. Then find out if there is a Linux version of it, or if there is an alternative that will work just as well for you. If most of the software you need to use is only available for Windows and there is no satisfactory Linux alternative, switching to Linux doesn’t seem sensible. Also ask yourself the question, why do I want to switch to Linux? What problems do I think that switching to Linux will solve? I’m not trying to discourage you from switching, for lots of people Linux is the best choice, but for lots of people Windows is the right choice. There’s a lot to be said for the right tool for the right job.

No, not all applications will run under WINE. Many will, many won’t. Some applications will only work well with certain versions of WINE. Look up the applications you want to use at WINE compatibility database before trying to run them.
Before you look at running applications under WINE, look at whether there is a Linux version of the software. I have seen people trying to use software under WINE because they didn’t realise there was a Linux version of it. Also look to see if there’s software available for Linux which does what you want. E.g. you can’t get Internet Explorer for Linux but you can get Firefox. You can’t get Microsoft Office for Linux but you can get LibreOffice

That’s a question which either has no answer or many answers depending on how you look at it. If you face a problem with Windows, how do you solve that fast?

Given that your question isn’t specific to SLED you may get better , or at least more, answers asking somewhere like Whether all the answers are useful is another matter entirely, but such is the Internet :wink:

thanks Trdr
i think i have to start slowly to switching after my boos agree with that ? and one of my friend asking my the same question ? why u want to switching and whats going to be solve ?
i said cause its more secure , stable , if the system was damaged u ll not going to los ur files and data , alot of free software are available inside the OS DVD and u can find more also free , u can find ur data if the X server crash by using terminal , its fast its really fast , and in my case i did not use any antiviruse software and my computer is ok more than one year and firewall is open also , if u r a programmer u can change in software and even in the OS depend on ur business , run some softwares on local machine that was not installed locally i mean running it from remote machine , and i think there were also alot and alot of feature ? this only i knew cause i had no alot of experience with Linux .
one of my friend asked my a question but i did not answer him cause i can not find a right answer !
he said - if i install any Linux Dis on my computer and one of my HW does not drive for E.g wireless network card ? what im going to do ?
we knew that alot of computer part for windows need drives ?
i said if you working on windows 7 or vista or xp and u did not find a wireless drive cause the manufacturer of ur computer does not proved a drive for MS windows ? what u ll going to do ?
he said nothing ?
i said itssame linux , if the companies that made a computer does not made a drives for linux and does not help the linux programmers ? its a difficult to find a drives for not only linux ?
i said , look around u , alot of devices we were use it in our life are working on lunix base …
Thank u very much Mikewillis :slight_smile:
sorry for bad language !!