Howto Install Rancher via Helm with GUI on 8443?


On this page in the Rancher docs it says:

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped \
  -p 8080:80 -p 8443:443 \
  --privileged \

But I cannot find the equivalent for Helm installs. My current Helm install command for Rancher is:

helm install rancher rancher-latest/rancher --version 2.6.0 --namespace cattle-system --set hostname=my_host

Can anyone tell me how to modify this to start the Rancher GUI on port 8443 please ?

Edit: Just to be completely explicit, I wish to access Rancher dashboard as folllows:

Also want to mention I am running K3S v1.20.6+k3s1

In the case of the docker install you are installing the rancher server on 80/443, but docker is redirecting those to 8080 and 8443 on the host. So you are not really installing it on a different port, per se.
Take a look at Rancher Docs: Rancher Helm Chart Options to see all of your options.

Are you telling me it is impossible to do what I want ? There is nothing on that page that shpws how to set the Rancher GUI to be accessd on port 8443.

When you install via Helm you are accessing Rancher via an Ingress rule, not exposing a port directly. Ingress controllers do host-based routing so multiple services can share the port. So you do not normally need to change the port to something else to make 80/443 available for workloads (as you would with the docker install).

And your ingress controller (traefik in k3s) is probably ONLY listening on 80/443, so that is the only choice unless you go out of your way to change the ingress config.