Is the DVD iso file needed after system is installed?

Two years ago I installed SLES 11 for s390x from a DVD iso. Once the installation was complete I made the iso file available to the server as a repository, via NFS, using YaST. Part of my installation process was to register the server with Novell, which caused other repositories to be added to the list. Last year I upgraded to SP1 and replaced the SLES 11 iso respository with the SLES 11 SP1 respository. The upgrade process added SLES11-SP1-Pool and SLES11-SP1-Updates to the list of configured repositories.

Is there a need to make an .iso file available to an installed system? I am asking as I am about to upgrade to SP2 utilizing a new SMT implementation and was wondering if I should host the SLES 11 SP2 iso file on the SMT server or if I would have everything I would need with the SLES11-SP1-Pool, SLES11-SP1-Updates, SLES11-SP2-Core, SLES11-SP2-Extension-Store, and SLES11-SP2-Updates repositories. These repositories are listed on my SLES 11 SP2 SMT server.

Once you have the online repositories available, no it’s not needed. I
would however just disable it in case you need something if the network
is down. If you have added the SLE SDK I would also disable the iso
image repo as well.

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