Mirror SLES-12 Modules using 3rd Party Tool

My environment has several SLES dev systems that only have access to the internal network. Repos are being hosted on a RHEL system that does have internet access, and I’d like to be able to download the “Module” repos not available on the ISOs to directly host from this RHEL system.

I have mirroring credentials via the SCC website, but I’ve only succeeded in getting various 504, etc. error codes back. I feel like I’m missing something. Do I need to generate a per module token? It seems like it should be relatively straight forward to slurp down the module repo using wget.: confused:


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Gateway timeouts (504) can happen sometimes, but that should be a temporary issue. What are you actually doing? Please post the wget command.

Still seeing 504 errors, except for particular paths where I get 404s:

wget --user=XXX --password=XXX https://nu.novell.com/repo/X86_64/SLE10-SDK-SP1-Online/repolist.xml

Bogus URLs always return 504s.

My ultimate goal is to mirror the extra SLE12 modules (web and scripting, etc). Right now I’m just trying to get a proof on concept going to I can build from there.

I have my mirroring credentials from http://scc.suse.com, but here it looks like I should be able to get a list of the repos I have access to mirror. But I get back “Access forbidden” when I try and access that site.