New Version of Netware

I am not sure I am in the right thread. If not, can you direct me to the right thread?

I have a client that is running Netware 6.5 to backup their Groupwise Post Office using Syncsort and I am trying to set up the same environment. I want to restore their post office under the same environment. I am not able to purchase Netware 6.5 anywhere so I am going to purchase the upgrade, which I believe is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. Is this correct? I am going to load it onto a machine now running Windows XP. I realize that I will have to wipe XP off and install the SUSE product. First question: Is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the next upgrade from Netware 6.5? Is it backward compatible with Netware 6.5? Can I get away with purchasing just the Basic version? Is it something I can purchase, download and install the same Day?

Your thinking of OES, you need to head over to the forums at and here you will find the groupwise and OES
forums where someone will put you on the right track. If not, post back
here if you have further problems and will see what i can do.

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