Rancher compose version check

Perhaps add a check to rancher-compose to check the version of the running rancher server, and issue a warning if it is not compatible with the version of rancher-compose used… (unless there is such a check already, I’ve not tested this…)

I think this is a needed feature to keep the user experience up, as we may have users that are out of our control in terms of upgrading for new releases of rancher-compose (or simply, that I miss to update rancher-compose after a new release to the server, and get confused when weird stuff starts happening… :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Right now, there is a warning if you’re using an older version of rancher-compose and a newer one is available for your Rancher server (so if you upgrade Rancher server, but not Rancher compose).

But we haven’t put in a check that rancher-compose is upgraded and not compatible with Rancher server.