Rancher Release - v0.31.0

Release v0.31.0

New Features

  • Improved Rancher Server SSL Support - There have been many fixes in the last few releases (v0.28.0, v0.30.0) along with this release that should resolve the remaining SSL issues related to configuring it with Rancher Server. In addition, Rancher will now support Host, X-Forwarded-Port, and X-Forwarded-Proto headers when integrating with a reverse proxy SSL solution. Please refer to Basic SSL Configuration for details on how to set this up.
  • Improved Rancher Multi-node Support - Multiple fixes have been made in the last few releases (v0.28.0, v0.30.0) along with this release that should resolve the remaining issues with configuring Rancher Server in a multi-node setup. Please refer to Rancher Multi-Node Setup for details on how to configure your Rancher Server in multi-node/HA setup. Future work will be removing the need for Zookeeper and Redis to make multi-node setup far easier than today.

Known Major Issues

  • Support for using AWS ELB+SSL is still not available due to the fact that the Rancher Agents requires WebSockets to communicate with Rancher Server and unfortunately AWS ELB does not support WebSockets except through the implementation of the Proxy protocol [#1677].

Major Bug Fixes since v0.30.0

  • Fixed a issue with Rancher when attempting to obtain a Zookeeper lock on volumes a multi-node Rancher Setup [#1379, #1383]
  • Fixed an issue where a removed host would cause excessive amounts of process events to be generated [#1445]
  • Fixed an issue with Rancher Compose CLI where using the “extends” attribute in conjunction with the “image” attribute would cause the CLI to fail [#1641]
  • Added Host, X-Forwarded-Port, and X-Forwarded-Proto header support for Rancher SSL [#1309]
  • Fixed issues with the Stack Graph display when links are added across Stacks [#1697]
  • Added scrolling when adding multiple targets to a LB Service so the save button is available to be selected [#1629]
  • Fixed an issue in the UI where editing a LB service would not show the published ports. [#1625]
  • Service links across stacks are now shown properly [#1649]

For the full release notes, please visit v0.31.0 Release Notes.