Rancher Release - v0.32.0

Release v0.32.0

New Features

  • Support --hostname for container naming [#1724] - By using the label “io.rancher.container.hostname_override=container_name” when launching any service or container, Rancher will automatically populate the hostname of the container by adding it via the Docker --hostname option.
  • MySQL bind mount volume support [#1679] - Improved Rancher Server upgrades by allowing users to specify a host volume as a bind mount point into the container. This will also allow you to backup the MySQL data, or relocate it on a different host.

Known Major Issues

  • LB rules for TCP protocol will not work properly when adding L7 host routing rules [#1763]
  • LB rules for HTTP protocol will not work properly when used in conjunction with TCP rules configured with L7 host routing rules [#1762]

Major Bug Fixes since v0.31.0

  • Fixed an issue where the restart policy of “no” would not be honored when service reconciliation was triggered. With this fix, any service that has a restart policy of “no” will no longer have its container automatically restarted [#1753]

  • Fixed an issue where the LB Source port was not set in the HAProxy config [#1747] [contributed by @kaos]

  • Fixed an issue where Rancher does not generate proper docker-compose template labels for cross stack linking [#1694]

  • Fixed an issue where data volume containers will no longer be recreated if the consuming container crashes. Data containers will now continue to run and will only be recreated if it crashes [#1596]

  • Fixed performance and OOM issues with the web-proxy service [#1432, #1408]