RancherOS spreading the word


I was using RancherOS and CoreOS for a while now.
CoreOS forcedly so, as the cloud provider did not have an easy means to deploy RancherOS.

Honestly I had less trouble with RancherOS and took the occasion of acknowledgment of that fact to review the docs about RancherOS again as opposed to CoreOS.

I was impressed how sleek it can just get.

I think RancherOS is heavily undersold on that simplicity of management which is very much in line with accustomed docker .yml files.

A common observation: Reviews underline the interesting design and the small image, little is said about ease of operation. This aspect should probably get more attention in marketing and overall…

As a general feedback, I’d like to add, the only think which is probably useful in the future would be a simple RancherOS operator + UI for Kubernetes containing cloud-configs repository and orchestrating upgrades for the one who needs it to spare him chef or puppet or the like of another config management tools…

Best Regards, David A.

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My cloud provider, in particular, is vultr