Registration of Nodes and Persistence of Data

What are the possibilities of self registering nodes in Rancher 2.0, looking for information in respect to etcd, control and workers nodes, so that they can be managed by an external provisioning platform such as spotinst?

Also In rancher 1 the state was mysql backed. I’ve read the intention to bring that to 2.0, not sure if it exists already, I know there are no options to point to an external mysql host. What is requirement/options to persist an infrastructure setup at present?

some of these questions are answered here:

Still yet to formulate an understanding of whether the etcd and control planes can follow this pattern.

It looks like a simpe flag (–etcd,–controlplane, --worker) on the join command specifies the node type. Great!

I believe the cluster state is now etc.d backed rather than mysql backed. I do not know what happens if you lose quorum of your etc.d.

External etc.d is an option for RKE, so that should work.