SuSE manager - how to properly modify cobbler menu

Hello Community,

I’m starting to explore the cobbler’s functionality and for that purpose I got DHCP listening on another interface (separate Vlan).
The cobbler’s menu is pointing to the resolvable IP (primary interface) , while I want to be using the dedicated interface’s IP for kickstart.

When I change the url in '/srv/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default, everything is running , but ‘cobbler sync’ will revert it back.
I would like to know which template to modify, so it will remain after ‘cobbler sync’.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

For anyone reading this post:

I have resolved this issue by setting this option in /etc/cobbler/settings:


You can also set ‘next_server:’ , just to be on the safe side.
Of course , restart the cobblerd service and do not modify ‘redhat_management_server:’ option or you will loose integration with the SUMA’s web.