Unsupported product patches being removed 1st January 2015

Greetings all.

The news banner on the support site stated that from 1st January 2015
all patches for unsupported products will be removed from the site.

That news banner was replaced when I just checked with the latest news,
so I cannot confirm whether this decision is still valid.

Previously, the existing patches for older products continued to be

As a person involved in persuading people to stay with Novell products,
I first have to fix what they have (which is typically older versions),
then upgrade them after proving that the product CAN work properly. The
upgrade process in many cases also requires patches for the existing
product or an intermediate product.

I recommend people that may be affected:

  1. Download any required patches and updates now.
  2. Contact Novell requesting they reconsider this policy or extend the

Ian Blackwood


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  1. Contact Novell requesting they reconsider this policy or extend the

That is pretty much the opinion we have voiced here as Knowledge
Partners as well.

Anders Gustafsson (NKP)
The Aaland Islands (N60 E20)

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Here’s what the person that deals with patch management for Novell

Hi Ian

Your forum post regarding the scheduled removal of patches for
unsupported products at the beginning of 2015 was forwarded to me. The
decision still holds and the banner is still up at

Patches will be archived and customers who need a patch for an obsolete
product will still be able to request an older patch by contacting
Support and opening an SR.

You suggest we extend the deadline for taking the patches down. How long
would you recommend? Keeping outdated products listed on the download
sites is expensive and confuses customers; but I am curious to hear how
long of an extension would be adequate and how else you think we can
warn our customers that the patches will soon no longer be accessible
via Patch Finder.

Best regards,


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So does this mean all Netware patches will disappear? We are slowly
moving off Netware. The problem is Netware just keeps going.

Phil J


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Hey PhilJannusch:

So does this mean all Netware patches will disappear?[/color]

The livecycle of NetWare 6.5 ends Dec 31 2017 so you should have
patches available until at least then.

Kim - 12/30/2014 2:32:40 PM