xhci_hcd errors using USB3 on SLES11 SP2 x86_64

If I boot with USB3 external drive attached to pcie StarTech USB3 adapter (NEC uPD720200 Rev 04, device 1033:1094), USB3 device is disconnected soon after boot. dmesg shows:
xhci_hcd: Do not support expand command ring
xhci_hcd: ERR: No room for command on command ring
xhci_hcd: xHCI host not responding to stop endpoint command
xhci_hcd: Assuming host is dying, halting host
xhci_hcd: HC died, cleaning up
usb 5-1 USB disconnect, device number 2

If I attach the drive after booting, I can mount it and copy files to it. But when I try a read (mv /mnt/somefile /anywhere) of the USB3 device, I get i/o errors and dmesg shows many lines of:
sdb1: previous I/O error to superblock detected
sdb1: error: ext2_get_inode: unable to read inode block

This fails with 3 different pcie USB3 host adapters and 2 different 2TB USB3 drives.
It originally worked with SLES11 SP2 x86_64 prior to patching. Kernel is now 3.0.93-0.5-default.
It also works on same hardware running SLES11 SP3 x86_64.

Anyone see this problem with SP2?

Hi sdrake1,

while I’ve not seen any similar reports, I’ll ask my SUSE contacts if they have anything on this. I’ll get back to you once I have received a reply.

Do you have a support subscription? It’d then be helpful if you’d open a service request and would send me the SR number via personal message.