RancherOS hosting Kontena

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I have been researching and playing around with may container related systems lately and must say that I TRULY like that RancherOS is completely containerized even to the system level and also that its footprint is extremely small. This makes for an amazing system.

In the past I have installed RancherOS as well as the Rancher Server onto a few nodes for testing and it seems to work pretty well, but have wanted to find out about the possibility of doing something a bit different, mostly as a test but with a strong curiosity as well.

In my travels, I have come across Kontena (https://github.com/kontena/kontena and https://www.kontena.io/docs/) which is also a very interesting container orchestration framework much like Rancher Server, but mostly a CLI approach.

I would like to see about installing Kontena on RancherOS.

From what I can see in the docs (https://www.kontena.io/docs/slow-start.html) and for the Linux installation, it seems to need “Ruby version 2.1 or later installed on your system” and I am not sure how to go about installing this on RancherOS.

So then my questions would be:

  1. Has anyone tried to install Kontena on RancherOS.

  2. Does anyone have any ideas on how to install Ruby on RancherOS?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Kontena components can be run as Docker containers. I think the easiest way is to use Docker Compose:

  1. Installing Kontena Master: https://kontena.io/docs/advanced/install-master/docker-compose.html
  2. Installing Kontena Nodes: https://kontena.io/docs/using-kontena/install-nodes/docker-compose.html#create-kontena-node

Ruby is required for using Kontena CLI so you don’t need to install it into RancherOS.

Thanks for the update on Kontena.

I had actually ran across those links on their website and then
subsequently found:



but have not tried them yet…

I have also just found that SoftEther in a container works well with
RancherOS also.

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